"Fire and Roses," oil, wax and resin on canvas over panel, 36"x 48", 2004.

I am sorry to tell Bob Hawkins that this painting is painted on top of his favorite painting, "Up Above," which he saw at my last open studio in Guanajuato. Bob was always telling me I was the best artist in town, and that I should get my paintings in front of people with money, and they'd sell like hot cakes. Bob himself, allegedly, had money, and a big house to hang art in, but I never said, "So, Bob, which one are YOU buying?" I shipped "Up Above" to New York, where it languished in my hallway for two years--I never liked it much, and when my work wasn't selling, my gallery failed, I was out of a job and needed more canvas, I cannibalized it. This, Bob, is what happens when you fail to support starving artists early in their careers.